Ales Renovations is central Connecticut's premier roof leak contractor for all seasons. Because winter weather in Connecticut is unpredictable, many homeowners are surprised by the unexpected dripping of water into their homes when snow begins to melt from the roof. We experience periods of heavy snowfall, sleet, rain, and mixed precipitation accompanied by temperatures ranging from below freezing to just above freezing. If you own your home, you will quickly learn to expect the unexpected when it comes to various forms of water damage.

Let’s talk about winter roof leaks, why they occur, and where to find evidence of conditions that cause winter rook leaks. One common reason for winter roof leaks is formation of ice dams. Heat escaping to your roof due to warm attic air melts the snow in contact with the roof. This runoff will refreeze and prevent it from draining off the roof. This melting and refreezing can damage the roof, damage the gutters, and form a ridge of ice at the edge of the roof. The continuously melting snow causes water to back up behind this dam, which can then leak into your home, damaging walls and ceilings, and soaking existing insulation.

So what can a homeowner do to prevent water damage from snow melting off the roof? After a snowfall, and carefully inspect your roof from the outside. Do you see giant icicles hanging from the eaves, or sections of the roof where the snow has melted more quickly? The heat escaping from your attic is a major contributor to roof leaks after a snowfall. In many cases, ice dams and water melt damage can be mitigated by preventing heat loss from the attic. If you find evidence of uneven melting which may lead to water damage, call Ales Renovations. In the central Connecticut area, call Ales Renovations today for a free Connecticut estimate: 860-402-1829

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