Call Ales Renovations for Roof Repairs

Don't put off roof repairs when you discover rainwater leaking through your roof.  We are Ales Renovations, and our service area includes towns in Hartford county. In Avon, call Ales Renovations for any and all types of roof leak repairs. When your home's roof begins to show its age,  driving rain and high winds can pull protective shingles away from the roof.  In most cases, asphalt shingle roofing will last a couple decades without any issues. Harsh ultraviolet rays from sunlight, high winds, mossy overgrowth, driving rainstorms and heavy snowfall all damage your roof. Aging roof materials will expand and contract with temperature fluctuation, and given enough time, materials may crack and lead to leakage. Freezing and thawing can create ice dams, another way water can breach the roofing and get into your home.

If you have old asphalt shingles on your roof, 20 years old or so, you should have someone inspect your roof carefully. An aging roof will lose its integrity and allow water flowing down the roof to start seeping into the house. Ales Renovations can look for signs of aging and damage, discover whether your asphalt shingles are loosening or becoming brittle.  Roof leaks can ruin insulation, breed black mold, damage interior walls and ceilings, and even rot your wood framing. Avoid expensive plaster, wood and drywall damage - and worse - and call a roof repair contractor for an inspection.

Ales Renovations LLC is the best roof leak repair contractor serving greater Hartford and central Connecticut.  Water coming in through your roof, around your chimney, around skylights and vents, or behind flashing can cause thousands of dollars in damage. To avoid dangerous conditions such as black mold, ruined ceilings and walls, and wet insulation, when in doubt, call Ales Renovations. Ales Renovations is a roofing contractor that you can trust. If you find evidence of roof leaks leading to water damage, call the best roof leak repair contractor for a consultation. Call Ales Renovations LLC at 860-402-1829.