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For all things pertaining to roofs in East Granby CT, call the roofing contractors at Ales Renovations.  For new roofs and roof repairs, Ales Renovations are the best in the greater Hartford area. After 15 or 20 years, you ought to consider having your roofing inspected for your own peace of mind. Take action quickly especially if there are leaks, loose shingles, or visible deterioration. Many Connecticut insurance companies will threaten to cancel your homeowner's insurance unless you replace your roof.

If you suspect that your shingles are loose or worn, don't wait until a big storm allows the water to leak into your home. Ales Renovations can tell you if your roof is in need of a repair or needs to be completely replaced. Your roof is one of the key security features of your house because a strong intact roof protects you and your possessions from outside elements. It's important to maintain and condition your home in order to keep it secure. Call us today for a consultation: 860-402-1829.


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