Ales Renovations LLC has been the best choice among Connecticut roofing contractors serving West Hartford and Avon CT for over 25 years. We provide affordable, top quality, and superior asphalt roofing, flat roofing, and roofing repair services to commercial and residential customers. At Ales Renovations our workmanship is top notch. We use the best materials available, providing you with a quality roof for years to come. We always stand behind all of our work at Ales Renovations. We provide warranties for our labor and extended warranties on all materials. There are not to many contractors that provide better coverage than we do.

If you have old asphalt shingles on your roof, have someone inspect your roof carefully. An aging roof will lose its integrity and allow rain and snow melt to start seeping into the house. Are asphalt shingles curling, cracked, loose or missing? Do you have snow melt and rain water coming in around skylights, chimneys or vents? Roof leaks can ruin insulation, breed black mold, damage interior walls and ceilings, and even rot your wood framing. Avoid expensive plaster, wood and drywall damage and call a reputable roof repair contractor for an inspection. Ales Renovations LLC is the best roof leak repair contractor serving greater Hartford and central Connecticut.  Ales Renovations is a roofing contractor that you can trust. If you find evidence of roof leaks leading to water damage, call the best roof leak repair contractor for a consultation. Call Ales Renovations LLC at 860-402-1829. There is no roofing job we cannot handle. We are fully insured and licensed and have thousands of happy customers.

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