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When you see greenery all over your roof, it's time for roof replacement. For expert roof replacement, call the expert roofing contractor serving all towns and cities in Hartford County - Ales Renovations. When your asphalt roofing begins to curl, peel, lift, or grow its own mossy ecosystem, it leaves your home vulnerable. An intact roof is you home's first line of protection against the elements. If you have been noticing wet spots or small leaks in the home, be proactive and have Ales Renovations inspect the roof surface.

The roofing experts at Ales can determine if your roof is in need of repair or if it needs a complete overhaul.  Ales Renovations can give you a great quote on a full roof replacement. The roof is one of the biggest protection assets your home has, it is vital to your home's ability to keep water out of the house. Don't put a roof repair or replacement on the back burner! Ales Renovations serves Canton CT and all surrounding areas for your residential and commercial roofing needs. In the greater Hartford CT area, call Ales Renovations at 860-402-1829 today.


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